• Carbon Fiber Advanced Processing

    • Twisting
    • Wearcoat™
    • Bondcoat™
    • Pultruded rod
    Carbon Fiber Advanced Processing
    Carbon Fiber Advanced Processing

    Innovative Carbon Fiber solutions

  • The Inside Story 2.0

    • Superior Quality
    • Market Expertise
    • Innovative R&D
    • Swellcoat™
    The inside story 2.0 shows all Fiber-Line's components for the best Fiber Optic Cables
    Inside Look

    Discover all of FIBER-LINE®'s cable components & solutions.

  • The Swellcoat™ Advantage

    • 100% Dry Cable
    • High Absorption
    • Low Dust
    • Replace Messy Gels
    The Swellcoat™ Solution

    Swellcoat™ impregnated fibers are an efficient means of introducing Super Absorbent Powder into any cable design.


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